Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is alive and cheerful. As weird as this declaration may sound, but there is a reason we are making it. The “Laila Main Laila” star has just survived an ‘almost’ plane crash and what she has shared on her Twitter page is enough to give anyone shivers. Sunny and her team faced this terrible situation while flying in her private plane in a remote area of Maharashtra.

Sunny shared a video and some tweets where she spoke about the incident. Her plane apparently encountered bad weather and was about to crash but her pilot managed to avert the tragedy. The group she was travelling with also included her husband Daniel Weber. In the video which she shot while getting back home from her car, we see Sunny trying to cheer up others around her including Daniel, who obviously look shaken. As she pans the camera towards Daniel, all we hear him saying is “We are alive!”

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Sunny’s tweets read, “The reason I’m acting so happy cause everyone else is all freaked out! Gotta cheer them up 🙂 Thank the lord we are all alive! Our private plane almost crashed through bad weather. Counting our stars and driving home! Thank you God! Have to thank the pilots 4doing such an amazing job getting us through&alive. But You know it’s bad when the pilot starts praying mid air! Our pilots were so amazing. Our lives were in their hands and they saved us!”

Sunny’s patience and never-say-die attitude is surely winning many hearts today. We hope Sunny and her team is able to forget this bad memory soon.



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