Hrithik Roshan

The actor didn’t get a chance to brush up on his Marathi in his first regional film

Hrithik Roshan has not spoken any Marathi dialogues in his first regional film, Hrudayantar. He will not be seen voicing dialogues in chaste Marathi in the film since the part he is playing, does not warrant dialogues. The actor says, “I would have liked if the scenes had dialogues in Marathi, where I could have rehearsed. However, the part which I have done is so beautiful, well-expressed without a single word that we did not need any dialogues. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to brush up my Marathi.”

He is thankful to designer-turned-director Vikram Phadnis. Calling the film an “incredible experience”, he adds, “I would not have considered deviating from what I was doing in life when Vikram approached me. If it had not been for his incredible vision, clarity and the passion he had, this film wouldn’t have happened.”



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